WCR Cardiff


Foursquare Workspace were asked by this client to improve the working environment for their staff, and to ensure that all staff had access to first rate rest and recreation areas.


The client required a modern feel, replicating that of a typical “diner” style. We took a detailed brief and produced a number of different designs, schematics and 3D renders.

We then fine tuned the details from client feedback until we arrived at the correct layout that perfectly suited the space available, while also matching the look that the client required.


Brand new flooring was added in order for it to match the new furniture and the style of the area. New lighting was also installed.

Loose furniture such as dining chairs and tables were added to give the client more flexibility and fixed tables and seating were also added to fit in with the modern diner style agreed in the brief.


The end result is a resourceful, welcoming rest and recreation area with a modern diner theme. The client is very happy with the end result the workforce is delighted to have an area where they can relax at work.

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