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Are millennials shaping the future of office design?

Ever since millennials began to get a foothold on the corporate ladder, a growing number of businesses have been turning to innovative ideas and designs in a bid to court the younger generation. If you’re looking to understand this emerging workforce, Foursquare Workspace has some tips that are quickly becoming must-haves for the modern office.

Flexible workspaces

Inspired by a time where creativity and relationships have become what define the value of people over machines, millennials are looking for workspaces that delve into the sense of community. Instead of meeting rooms, the trend is leaning more towards workshops; make the wall the new desk to encourage open and creative ideas. By offering a variety of open, social and private spaces (both indoors and out), employers will find that their employees are more comfortable and even more productive.

Need for control

While the majority of companies will ultimately choose the furniture and decor for their offices based on the style of the brand, it’s important to cater to the preferences of your employees, too. Whereas previously baby boomers and Generation X would adapt to their workplaces, millennials are increasingly expecting the office to work the opposite way instead. With even the slightest control over their own personal working environments, such as adjustable equipment or a selection of furnishings, millennials can create a space that is both comfortable and productive for them.

The heart of the office

Inevitably, office designs and trends change. But what about the classic ‘break room’? For so long the office kitchen has been treated as an undesirable place – one where employers wanted to prevent their staff from lingering in. However, what has been discovered by businesses recently is that the kitchen is, in fact, the perfect recipe for innovation in the workplace. And who can deny it? Cooking and food undoubtedly brings people together in a space where they can develop conversations and foster collaboration, leading onto the possibility of improving morale for employees and business processes for owners.

In is the new out

What better time to consider incorporating a little of the outside into your office than the year of ‘Greenery’? Pantone’s choice for the colour of 2017 is both refreshing and revitalising – two things most workplaces could definitely do with more of! With people now spending the majority of their time indoors, it’s easy to become isolated from natural elements. The trend of biophilic design is growing in popularity and easy to adopt. It can be as simple as introducing office plants or even just uncovering windows to let more natural light in. The best creative workspaces will not only be collaborative and techy, but also healthy and eco-friendly.

As new employees begin to enter the office, their values will undoubtedly impact and even dictate the future of the modern office. If you’re looking to create a workspace that will stand the test of time but need a little help on where to begin, get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help.